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This page converts uploaded images into patterns that can be used to make projects with fusible beads. Originally designed for Perler Beads, it now supports beads created by Perler, Artkal, Hama, and Nabbi.
The resulting patterns are designed to be used with the following pegboards:


Is this a photo? Yes No Photos are re-sized to a reasonable size for a beading project. Non-photos (pixel art, video games sprites, etc) are not scaled, and designed exactly as uploaded.

Max Pattern Width
(in panels):
More panels will give more detail, but will result in a larger project that will take more time. Mini bead pegboards have close to 3 times the number of beads. I don't recommend going above 2-3 panels for mini beads.

Bead Size: Standard beads (most used) use:
29x29 Perler Bead Pegboard
Mini beads are half the size, and use:
Mini 50x50 Clear Pegboard

Bead Colors: Adjust Bead Palette This site defaults to currently manufactured Perler Bead colors. Use this option to select other brands, or choose specific colors to be included in the design.

Image Color: Adjust Image Color Change the source image's colors, contrast and hue.

Update Design

Recent Updates:
-- 6/14/16 - Lots of changes - Individual beads are editable. (Click to pick a new one.) Can upload new image without reloading. Bead Pallette is saved when you close the browser. A few bugfixes, too.
-- 6/04/16 - Added color adjustments. Available at bottom of settings panel after an image is uploaded.
-- 6/04/16 - New layout to allow you to adjust settings and re-build the bead design without reloading the page.
-- 2/27/16 - Now supporting Perler Mini beads, Artkal Beads, Hama Beads, and Nabbi Beads
-- 2/15/16 - This site is now processing more than 25,000 patterns per month!

Images are not stored on this web site. We collect no data from you. We do count how many patterns are created.

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