Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls is a short excursion just outside Provo. You can park right by the falls, but we like to park south of the falls a bit, and walk half a mile to the falls to make it a bit more of an activity than just looking at the falls. The falls lie a few minutes up Provo Canyon, before Sundance and Deer Creek reservoir. They are accessible year-round, by all ages, and ability levels. Bridal Veil Falls also lie directly on the Provo River Parkway, so if you want to make a more active day of it, you can bike or walk to and from the falls instead of driving.

The falls themselves are mostly just a place to stop and watch the water fall. The path goes right by them, and there is often a crowd of people stopped there watching the water. There is a pool of water that forms at the bottom, sometimes with fish swimming around. This is definitely more of a place to stop, watch, and get a brief time to relax and enjoy the outdoors vs. a long active day.

How To Get There

Bridal Veil Falls lie 3.5 miles up Provo Canyon. Head up the canyon, and look for the Park entrance on the right. Once you park, take the trail half a mile up to the falls. You can also skip the walk, and head up to the next road, driving directly up to the falls by cars – there is a parking lot there as well.

When To Go / What To Bring

I normally have advice to give on these topics, but in this case… you are 10 minutes from town, right by your car. This is practically a pit stop between errands, except that you can make your stroll through the park as leisurely as you would like it to be. So bring your camera, but this is not a big adventure that requires much planning…

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