BYU Museum of Paleontology

BYU Museum of Paleontology

The BYU Museum of Paleontology is one of the smaller museums around here, but that is exactly why I want to call attention to it. It isn’t crowded. It is free, but there is a donation jar where you can give your support. It on the BYU campus, open during the week from 9-5. Admittedly, this make it a bit harder to visit than other museums because you have to go when many kids are in school and parents are working. But that also makes it a quiet place. There are just a few rooms, but I feel the exhibits are well-done, and informative. There is a window into a working lab where you can see some of the BYU staff and/or students working on their research.

It doesn’t take too long to explore. As it is right on campus, it is a good place to stop in while visiting the other museums, or as part of any other activity in Provo.

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How To Get There

From North of Provo

  1. From I-15 Southbound, take the UNIVERSITY PARKWAY exit- EXIT 269
  2. Turn left on UNIVERSITY PARKWAY, go 4.1 miles
  3. Turn left onto N CANYON RD.,
  4. The Museum of Paleontology will be on your left at 1683 N CANYON RD.

From South of Provo

  1. From I-15 Northbound, take the UNIVERSITY AVE / 1860 SOUTH exit- EXIT 263 go 1.8 miles
  2. Turn Right onto E UNIVERSITY PARKWAY, one block
  3. Turn Left onto N CANYON RD.
  4. The Museum of Paleontology will be on your left at 1683 N CANYON RD.

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