Cascade Springs – Short Hike near Midway, UT

Cascade Springs – Short Hike near Midway, UT

Cascade Springs sits between Deer Creek Reservoir and Mount Timpanogas. It is a series of ponds, springs, and small waterfalls, with a decent amount of shaded trails. The trail is made of 3 loops through the springs, all of which are short and easy. All of the trail is paved or made of boardwalks over the water. There are some steep stops, and one of the loops has some stairs, but most of the area is accessible to just about everyone. There are nature signs through the trails giving information about the plants, water systems, and animals.

It is a fee area — whether you pay the $6 to drive through the American Fork Loop, or pay at the self-service box at the Cascade Springs parking lot, it is the same fee.

And as we just came from there this morning, I remembered to bring a camera and take some photos:

Cascade Springs

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How To Get To Cascade Springs

You can get to Cascade Springs from Hwy 92 (the Alpine Loop), or from Midway. They both are curvy mountain roads, and comimg from Provo, they both take about the same amount of time. IF you are coming from American Fork, and enter the Alpine loop on the north side, that is probably the faster choice for you.

The road from Midway is a dirt/gravel road, manageable by passenger cars, but bumpy. The road from the Alpine loop is completely paved. As you’ll pay the fee for parking at Cascade Springs anyway, either route works. Or you go in one way and out the other, just to see more territory. IF you opt for that, I’d come in from the Alpine loop, just because the last mile down from Midway towards Cascade Springs is a 12% grade, and it feels safer going up that hill vs. down it. 



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