Crystal Geyser – Green River, UT

Crystal Geyser – Green River, UT

Crystal Geyser is a man-made geyser, created when drilling for oil when a pocket of carbon dioxide was hit. It resulted in a cold-water geyser, which used to shoot water up to 100 feet in the air a couple times of day. Unfortunately, now it just bubbles and sputters a bit. 

But it left behind an landscape of mineralized rock where the water flows down to the river, which still makes it an interesting place to visit. It is also right on the river, which is good for some wading or swimming on a hot day. 

Crystal Geyser

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A view of the rocks at Crystal Geyser

How To Get There

From Green River, take Main Street east until it inersects with I-70 on the east side of town. Go past the Interstate, and take a left at the end of the road onto a Frontage Road. Take that Frontage road for a few miles until you hit an intersection, which has a wooden sign on the corner. Take a right onto that dirt road. Follow that road for about 7 miles, as it curves through the landscape and approaches the river. As you approach the river, watch for a right hand turn, near some power lines. That that turn, and you will drive under the power lines and curve back south along the river. You’ll see Crystal Geyser shortly on your left.

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