Fixing a Web Site Doesn’t Mean a Complete Rewrite

Fixing a Web Site Doesn’t Mean a Complete Rewrite

Fixing a web site sounds like a big project. But it doesn’t have to be.

At some point, every business owner may realize that their web site needs help. Maybe their business has evolved. Or perhaps  their marketing. Could be, some web consultant like me has shown you all the things you could be doing better. Or you have simply grown your business, and need your web site to catch up. Whatever the reason, the time has come to revamp the web site.

Before you go crazy, hiring a designer, and throwing away the old site, take a breath, and look at what you have that is working. Because odds are, some things are right. There are a few different pieces of a web site, and the chances of every single piece of it needing re-created are pretty low.

  • You already have a hosting plan for your site. Unless you are getting so much traffic to your site that your hosting plan is not keeping up, it will probably keep working for you.
  • What tools are you using to maintain the content on your site today? Do you like them? Do they work to get the job done? If so, keep using them. Find a designer who can make your new site work with your existing tools.
  • Are people finding your site today? If so, that means search engines sent them to you. Don’t delete the old site, otherwise you lose that traffic. Maybe you do want new content, but keep those old URLs working. You can redirect traffic that comes to the old pages to your new site — or even better, make the new site keep the same page URLs, so search engines send people to your new site as soon as it is ready.
  • Does your site load quickly, and is it free from technical problems and errors? Then keep the working infrastructure and systems, and just focus on getting updated content onto your working system.

Think about fixing a web site like you would think about painting your house. You want to change the way it appears, and give it a completely fresh look to improve its curb appeal. You don’t want to knock down the walls.



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