Huntington State Park

Huntington State Park

Huntington State Park, about 20 minutes south of Price, is a great place to camp and swim. It is a warm water reservoir, far more comfortable for swimming than the other lakes and reservoirs we’ve been to. We wanted to check the park out after hearing they had floating slides and such things in their swimming area. All we found today was a floating wooden platform, but that was still enough fun to keep us busy for the morning. Especially because the water was clean… we usually feel like we need a shower after swimming in many of the reservoirs in Utah, but we felt clean and refreshed after swimming at Huntington State Park

The park has a boat ramp, but the reservoir was quiet. We only saw a couple jet skis riding around. I’d guess it is busier on weekends. The campground looked fairly full. And it looked like a nice place to camp for those of you who don’t like roughing it. Grassy areas between the camp sites, convenient clean bathroom buildings.  We saw kids riding bikes around the campground. There wasn’t much privacy at the sites, so I’d recommend it for a family outing where you’ll be boating, fishing, or swimming during the days more so than for a group of people to hang around their campsite all day. 

Huntington State Park

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Swimming platform at Huntington State Park

How To Get To Huntington State Park

From Price, UT, take the 2nd Exit on Highway 6, and turn south on 10. Drive approximately 20 miles, and you’ll see the sign for the park just before the town of Huntington. Take a right at that sign, onto Morhland Road, and the park entrance is 1/4 mile up the road on your left.

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