Local Adventures

Local Adventures

As part of my newfound unemployment, we’re scaling back a bit on our expenses, including gas money, so we’re moving our adventures more local, and probably going to be doing less big weekend outings. On the other hand, we’re doing many more small local outings.

All the kids now have bikes. Erreth wanted to be a bit older before learning to ride a bike, but this summer we are working with him on it, so we can start doing family bike rides. The trail system up near the mouth of Spanish Fork canyon is improved now, so you can get on it from the parking lot at Spanish Oak reservoir, and not have to walk through the campground. You still have to walk up just as much uphill trail to get anywhere, but doing so on a trail instead of on a campground road, dodging cars, make it FAR more pleasant.

And lets not forget about the reservoir itself. We started swimming there this summer. I’ve always known it was there, but we’ve never stopped to swim before. This year, now that everybody is healthy, we are doing so. It is not a big lake… only 5 acres of water. But there is a small beach area, and we bought a kayak to paddle around the place. So we’re having fun with it. We’ve already been out there twice this week, and we might go again today.

My informal goal for the summer is instead of getting out on 2 weekend trips a month, to get out on 3 local trips a week!

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