Millsite State Park

Millsite State Park

Millsite State Park was the 2nd stop on our “Dave bought a State Parks Pass” mini-roadtrip. It sits east of the San Rafael swell, 40 minutes south of Price, and 30 minutes north of I-70. It is a 500 acre reservoir, surrounded by Hills, rocks, cliffs… what you would expect from Utah. There is a boat ramp, and a small campground. 

Unfortunately, I think we picked a bad time to visit – they are going to be working on the dam this winter, so they are draining the reservoir by 60 feet. The water is very low, and while that is somewhat interesting in its own right, the swimming area is drained, and the visual appeal of the place would be better with a full reservoir. Nevertheless, we wandered around, climbed the rocks, had a picnic lunch. 

I think this would be a decent camping spot if your main goal was boating.  It made a good lunch break for us while driving south down Highway 10. I’ll have to come back next year when the water has returned to see if that made it a better place to just hang out. The storm that hit us after lunch didn’t help either. But I wouldn’t let our bad timing stop people from visiting – It is still a lake surrounded by great scenery, and that is never a bad thing. 

Millsite State Park

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How to Get to Millsite State Park

Take Highway 10 to Ferron, UT — either form Price, or I-70. Once in town, turn west on Canyon Road (one block south of W Main Street). Take that road west, and it will curve out of town, around some hills, past a golf course. You’ll see signs for the park on your right about 3.5 miles out of town. If the pavement ends, you went too far. 

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