One Month Of “Unemployment…”

One Month Of “Unemployment…”

I sure have been busy for a month “without work…”

Continuing my reports to myself, as posting these does keep me focused on driving progress forward each week:


Jewelry and Rock Work

My parts came in this week. They work amazingly well. I want to order about 100 more. Unfortunately, I think I want to have them made 1mm smaller than I did. And my rock slabs are cracking more than I expected, so as I finalize my jewelry creation process, I’m going through my material faster than I hoped. Still, I feel like I’m working through the last of the steps in figuring out a repeatable process for making pendants, so while I was hoping to actually have them for sale by now, I at least am not hitting any real problems along the way… just a slower pace than I had hoped.

Home Improvements

The last of the carpets we had pulled out of various places finally got thrown out. It takes time to slowly cut them down and throw them out in the extra space in the trash… We also have the home clean, the including the basement, and all my small chore lists are caught up.


We’re more organized this week. The informal ideas of how my local business partner and I are going to work are now documented, with some even posted on our web site. We’ve finished a couple projects, and are just working with people on setting up the final touches to launch them. We’ve closed out a few sales discussions with companies who are not going to work with us, which is never what you hope for, but is still a reality of a consulting business. And of course, my own projects that I am working on my own progress as well. Over the next week or so I’m going to re-vamp some web sites to put my name and picture up on my partner’s site as actually being part of his company, as well as put that company on my site, with an explanation of how my services are split between what I am doing with him (all local work in Utah) vs on my own (anything non-local).


I feel like I can stop writing up these posts… they helped me stay driven this past month, but in that month I’ve been working on a project remotely for people I’ve known for a few years, picked up a local business partner, helped 3 different local business with their web sites, made plans for how to move the local business forward, while still making time to go swimming with my kids about every other day. It has been a busy month for my first month without a real job, and I’m not feeling like I am lost and being unproductive. There is still no guarantee that any of these efforts will turn into a long-term success, but they certainly are keeping me busy for the short term.

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