Paragliding at Point of the Mountain

Paragliding at Point of the Mountain

The Point of the Mountain isn’t just a place where traffic slows down and you see the geologic and cultural dividing lines between Salt Lake and Utah county. It also has some of the most consistent wind patterns in the country for learning paragliding. On most mornings, on the south side of the mountain, you can see at least a few people learning how to paraglide, practicing how to control their wings, or drafting back and forth across the ridge. In the afternoons, when the winds change, the more experienced pilots will head to the north side of the mountain for more advanced practice.

There are a number of paragliding schools in the area. I don’t know them all well enough to recommend one over the other, but when I’ve been up there checking things out, everyone has been friendly and willing to tell me about the process. In short, it takes a couple weeks to go from have zero experience to having your P2 rating, which allows you to practice on your own. You then need to continue to practice to hone your skills, and to learn weather patterns to know when it is / is not safe to fly. You’ll spend a year and a few thousand dollars to really learn this skill. And you should be in decent physical condition to start the process.

But this area at the Point of the mountain is set aside as a State Park, dedicated to paragliding, and people to travel from all over to come here and learn. 

Paragliding at Point of the Mountain

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A view from the beginner's area at the bottom of the mountain, looking up at wings on the south ridge.

How To Get To Point of the Mountain 

From the south, get off I-15 at the Thanksgiving Point exit, head east, and take the first left. Drive past Adobe, and you head uphill towards the gravel pit. Turn right at the top of the hill. You’l be cutting through a corner of the gravel pit, but it leads to a paved road that goes along the bottom of the ridge, and curves up the side of the mountain. At the top of that curve, drive off the left side of the road onto a gravel area, which will form into a short gravel road leading to the parking area on top of the ridge.

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