Rockhounding and Exploring near Salina, UT (Wonderstone)

Rockhounding and Exploring near Salina, UT (Wonderstone)

South of Salina, UT you can find Wonderstone on a ledge of rock. Frankly, if rockhounding for Wonderstone is your only goal, go to the Vernon Wonderstone pit — this location requires more effort, more time, more luck. But if you are looking for rocks in general, and an excuse to drive some dirt roads, explore the area, climb some rocks… then this area is going to work for you. 

We explored it because it was listed as a rockhounding site on various maps. We found the ledge with the wonderstone, collected a few pieces, then decided we wanted to explore more than we wanted to collect rocks. If you take the road back north to the first intersection, park, and walk north, uphill and to the right of the intersection, you’ll find some decent places for kids to scramble up and down rocks. We spooked an owl, who dive-bombed my daughter. And we found a spot that sure looks like a dry waterfall. So this may be a great place to explore in the spring when there is more water running in the area.

Salina, UT

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View of the rock ledge where wonderstone and other rocks can be found.

How To Get to the Rock Ledge

From Salina, UT, head east on Main street, then turn right on 300 East. This will curve out of town, and put you at a tunnel underneath I-70. Go through the tunnel, and continue south on the dirt road for approximately 3 miles. You’ll see a sign pointing to Mud Spring, right before a road to the right. This is the intersection where we stopped to explore the rocks to your northeast. Turn right at this intersection, and drive a quarter mile or so until you see the rock ledge uphill to your left.

Note: Google maps doesn’t know there is a tunnel under I-70, so it gives you longer directions. Depending on where you are coming from, these other routes may be just as easy30. 

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