Summer Progress Week #2

Summer Progress Week #2

2 Weeks of Summer Down… I’m not even sure how many are left, but it is Sunday evening, which means time to remind myself that I need to check my progress on my projects.

Mobile Apps 

As expected, the majority of mobile app this week was spent on getting the database components working as desired. That is done, and I am now working through the smaller details of having data flow in and out of the apps. It is like peeling the proverbial onion… you finish one set of features, go load up your app, play with it a bit, and realize a new set of smaller details that you need to now work through. I’ve gone through about 2 iterations of that this past week, so I expect this next week will be more of the same.

Once that effort is completed, I expect there will be another week of finishing out small UX details – adding sorting and checkboxes to select all/deselect all, and those types of details. And then probably another week of design work to make it all shiny, and probably a third week of design work just for good measure. So even without hitting any major problems, I’m probably looking at mid July before I’d have this ready to share with anybody.

Jewelry and Rock Work

We finished some initial pendants, and they are for sale at

I also got my opal clear from the rough stone without losing too much of its size, but it lost its fire once I did so. I’m not sure what I did, so I put it away, and I’ll think about it another day.

I received my shipment of findings, and am just waiting on some drilling bits and parts before moving forward on shaping some more of the stone I’ve got sitting around. So I doubt I’ll be doing much more work in this area this coming week, except that there is a rock and gem show in Wyoming next Saturday. And while that is 5 hours away, there are some really awesome agates that come out of Wyoming, so it might be worth the drive to see if I can pick up a supply of them to work on once all my supplies do come in.

Home Improvements

Canning room is done! I didn’t move on to any other projects this week because my next project was really busy…


Consulting took up the bulk of my time this week.  I have so much going on… but the odd thing about consulting is that the more that happens, the less I feel comfortable sharing it on a public blog. Because if I am busy, it means I am working with people who don’t need their business shared without their permission. Suffice it to say that I have multiple projects underway… but all are currently what you’d refer to as “potential” from an actual income perspective, because while more than one project is defined, I’m awaiting final sign-off on them all. I’m hoping to knock those details out tomorrow and spend the majority of this upcoming week working on these projects.

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