Summer Progress Week #3

Summer Progress Week #3

3rd Week!

Mobile Apps 

So my mobile app work this week hit a crossroads — the framework I am using came out with an update, which totally broke the way I write web apps. Because I don’t like to use heavy frameworks, I use mostly vanilla JS, and very simple frameworks to send data in and our of the apps… I often like to have each element in the DOM be self-contained, and hold its own data in data attributes. Sometimes I don’t need it, as I do have the context to know what to do with the elements anyway… but that way, if the end user bounced around to a new part of the app, I can figure out the context for whatever they tap/click from whichever element throws an event.  But this week, the new version of my framework started clearing all data attributes when it loaded onto an Android device. And because of how everything works, I’m not in a position of wanting to stay at an old version.

So I started really thinking about whether the mobile app route was even competitive with the other options I have going on… I did some research on what mobile apps are really making. And while some apps do well, most don’t. And the ones that do either are very lucky, or take a lot of work and marketing, not just building them and tossing them into the wild, hoping for the best.

So I’m putting the mobile apps to the side. I could re-work things to get around the problem. I could use a different framework. There are many choices of how to proceed. But I always said this summer would be a test of my ideas to see which would play out best, and I didn’t expect them all to survive. I did not expect the mobile apps to be the first victim. But when I look at how things are really proceeding, it just isn’t coming together as well as other things. And I’m swamped with other things. Mobile apps are out.

Jewelry and Rock Work

I did not expect to do much on this during the past week. I actually did more than I expected. I did a day trip up to Wyoming, and picked up a bucket of agates and a few opals. I also got a slab of Labradorite to try to make some cabs… that is a another material that can be tricky to work with, from what I hear, but I’ll never learn if I never try.

Home Improvements

Nothing major this week — weeding, cleaning, getting rid of old carpet, taking down and re-building a tipi.


Consulting is moving along — I’m coding away on a few projects, and continue to work on growing the business and organize it into something that is a step or two more formal than “winging it”. Hoping to finish up the first 2 projects this coming weeks, actually.

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