Summer Project Progress

Summer Project Progress

I have 4 projects I’m working on this summer, and now that I am wrapping up the first full week of summer, I’ve decided to write up a weekly report on how things are coming along…

Mobile Apps 

I am working on mobile versions of the popular pages from my web site. Progress this week was not bad – I’ve chosen a mobile framework that lets me re-use most of my skillset without having a huge learning curve. So most of my time is spent thinking about the differences between my web pages, and a  mobile app, and how those will impact my designs choices for the apps.

As a little background, the pages I’m app-ifying are the ones that convert photos into crafting patterns. I wrote them halfway as a useful tool for my kids, and halfway as a coding exercise to see what I could do in the browser to provide a useful page that saved no data to the server, and could be served with static HTML and JS, no frameworks, very light coding. So I ended up deciding on a page that assumes a one-time use, and generates a PDF as a final deliverable that people can take away from the page.

But mobile apps are not one-time-use apps. They will get re-use, and they are not conducive to storing documents for later printing. Which is just as well because it turns out writing a PDF to a consistent location on Android is a pain. So over the course of this week, I have converted the basic pages to apps… but I now need to add all the features that you would really want from a mobile app: A list of what you have worked on, some intelligence in the app so it knows where you left off, ways to manage your data, etc. None of that will be rocket science… it is actually pretty straightforward stuff. But it is new, so I’ll probably spend the bulk of this next week just laying out the core functions for these things. I feel it will be a good product when it is all put together.

Jewelry and Rock Work

I have defined a process for building my jewelry, but as mentioned in a post earlier this week, I’m waiting on some more specialized parts to arrive before I really dig into the necklace production. In the meantime, I found some interesting obsidian with clear streaking throughout the rock. If you google “Midnight Lace Obsidian”, that is pretty much what I found. I’ve broken up a couple pound worth of pendant shapes from it, and am running them through the tumbler, hoping to have a collection of pendants for sale by this time next week.

I also picked up an opal this week. I’ve never worked with good opals before, but found a raw opal of decent quality at a rock show that was already almost in the shape that I like to produce for necklaces. So I figured that it looked like a good one to start learning with. I’ve read a bunch of information about how opal is different than other rocks, and hope to give it a try this week, and not ruin this stone.

Home Improvements

Our canning room had turned into a bit of a disaster area over the last couple years, but I’ve got it 90% cleaned and re-organized, and pulled out 75% of the carpet, which will make it easier to sweep and keep clean from here on out. Next week I’ll finish it up and hopefully move on to a different area of the home.


I spent this week working on how to get some consulting business rolling. I have some friends from prior work who I’m talking to, but I also emailed a number of people who I know to ask if I can help, and had some phone interviews with other people who run consulting shops in the same technologies I work with, and got some great insights into what works for them, and what does not. I got some emails from recruiters asking to set up interviews, but none of them actually got back to me to set up the interview… I’ll probably let those slide, as my other prospects currently look more appealing than going through the recruiters tog et into larger consulting firms.

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