Trampolines at Hang Time in Orem

Trampolines at Hang Time in Orem

Trampolines are a popular backyard activity, but we like going to Hang Time in Orem for our jumping.  Check our their site for all the info –> Hang Time

This is actually an indoor activity, so not my typical recommendation. But that is exactly why you might want to try it in late July, when it has been 100 degrees for 4 straight days.

When you get there, they have a few different areas. My kids favorite is the individual trampolines where you can jump and flip into pits filled with foam blocks. They also have a large open floor covered in trampolines as the floors and walls, with platforms in the middle you can play on. There is a basketball court, a dodgeball area, and a slackline, too. And there is a dedicated area for toddlers and smaller kids to play on their own set of trampolines, safe from collisions with larger kids. There is seating for the parents who aren’t jumping, and they have a snack bar (although I have not tried anything from there, so I have no idea of its quality).

I feel it is as safe as being on a trampoline can reasonably be — such an activity will never be perfectly injury-free, but they do take care to keep the jumping areas safe, with the springs covered, and the trampolines well-maintained. My only worry is when small children are playing near big one on the large jumping floor. Because while they do have rules about the small kids staying off that part of the floor, I have not seen them enforced. Rules in general seem to be more of a set of guidelines than anything you’ll see enforced. So please be responsible for your own safety.

We usually jump for about an hour. That is enough time for the kids to get in their fun, but not so much to exhaust them, or to bore the parents.

How To Get There

Hang Time is right off the University Blvd exit of I-15. You can take a right hand turn before you even hit the first light, and you’ll end up in their parking lot.

When To Go

As it is an indoor activity, you can go any time it is open. We prefer to go first thing in the morning, before it is too crowded. As crowds arrive, the lines to jump in the pits grow, and the main jumping floor becomes more chaotic. On the flip side, if you want to play dodgeball or basketball, your odds of finding a good group increase with bigger crowds. It all depends on whether your kids are more independent, or like to work in groups more.


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