Wonderstone in Vernon Hills

Wonderstone in Vernon Hills

Wonderstone is a type of rock that has swirls of thin red/pink stripes, and is interesting to look at. It is not very valuable, but does make nice additions to a rock collections, or for decorations, or possibly landscaping highlights. There is an inactive quarry outside Vernon, UT where you can easily collect some Wonderstone for yourself. It is such an easy place to collect rocks that I recommend it in particular for younger children, or for people who are new to rockhounding. You really won’t find an easier place to pick up stones.

The quarry is not far off the pavement, and is accessible by passenger cars. It is not very big, so when we go, we usually will pack a picnic lunch, and expect to let the kids hike up and down the surrounding hills to make it into a bigger excursion than just driving an hour to pick up a few rocks.

How To Get to the Wonderstone Quarry

The Wonderstone quarry is southwest of Utah Lake, near Vernon, UT. Depending on where you are coming from, it may be faster to come south From Tooele, but we get there by getting off I-15 in Santaquin, and taking Highway 6 through Eureka. Turn right at the first road you see after Eureka, and drive for about 20 minutes until you cross the railroad track. Immediately after the tracks, turn right onto the dirt road. As you head north on the dirt road, look ahead and to your left, and you’ll see a branch of the road heading up the hill to the quarry, which is visible from the road. You’ll recognize the cut in the hill where the quarry was worked. Follow the road to that point, and you are there.


What To Bring

  • Buckets, Shovels, Hammers, Chisels — You will find loose stone, easily. But the best material is attached to the rock walls. Chiseling out a few pieces gives you the best results for the day.
  • Food, Water, Cell Phone – I always remind people that if you are more than 30 minutes from town, be sure you are well supplied enough in case your car breaks down. This isn’t all that remote of a location… Vernon may be a small town, but it is only a few miles away. But you still wouldn’t want to be without water if you had to walk there.
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